Prickly Pear - Medley

Please enjoy the samples from Prickly Pear 

Released  February 6, 2009

We would like to thank you all for your support, kind comments and good reviews of All Along This Land. 
For many moons, The Source has been in the midst of a gigging hiatus, for our time has been dedicated to the writing and recording of our second studio work. The record consists of five pieces, each ranging from five to fifteen minutes in length, for a total of about forty-eight minutes of our most diverse sounding music yet. Recorded and produced at Cloverland Studios in North Hollywood by Billy Sullivan, this album shows a large step in many new directions for us as musicians and composers.

In the early stages of writing the new music, Nico Photos was still The Source's bass guitar player, and when the lineup changed to its current status, we could not help but make some adjustments to our course. When we began putting together the music for this record, our notion was to make a concept album, centered around the idea of the "night." There was to be a two-part epic entitled "From Dusk Until Dawn," which was to be the centerpiece of the album, but it was omitted when the direction of the record changed during the latter stages of creation. "Star Dreamer" and "Until Morning Time," the second and third tracks of the disk were the first two to be created, both being associated with the night sky, elements of dusk, dreams and intangible journeys, and the changes that occur as the darkness fades and the morning comes.

The concept of the album evolved into something different though, as "Castles in The Sky" and "Thin Air" were being written, and as Paul Long joined the group. These songs drew more from fantasy, romanticism, and adventure-influenced themes and were clearly very musically different than anything we had written previously. The idea of the album as a whole really started to shift winds at this point. Still, the album needed a name, and we were stumped for a long time. We landed, eventually, on Prickly Pear, a common species of cactus found throughout most of the Americas, among other places. The record became a concept album no longer and started to become more characteristic of a record with certain overlying themes that became centered around a story about The Sage of The Summit and his mythical journey to discover life's secrets. When those two tunes were in the can, we had a pretty cohesive sounding work, minus a great opening track. We needed a piece that signified the start of this quest for beauty, truth, joy; a song about desires and setting out to achieve them. We crafted "Promised Land" in a matter of days, writing much of it in the studio as it was being recorded.

Post-production was great fun and very interesting with Billy Sullivan as our producer. The fantastic artwork for this record was done by our great friend Nico Photos, who has always been such a pleasure to work with. The making of this record has been a hard and great adventure. All that being said, here are some samples of our sophomore record, Prickly Pear.


…And so the Sage of the Summit lay down his pipe
and paced several steps over to just North of the Great Oak
to see what The Sound had been.
He was forced to doubt what he beheld,
for in front of his eyes the Valley inhaled and exhaled
slowly in Rhythm with the Dawn,
and space shattered into fragments that collapsed
suddenly yet Flowingly into Infinite Spirals of bright color.
Fierce winds raged fervently
as the Ancient Mammalian Cloud creatures descended Wellwards towards the tranquil cove of theDegu Mountain spirits.
What he Perceived was no ordinary Sight.
He ate nothing all year but a Prickly Pear,
and proclaimed before those who had gathered there:

"Exit right thru the Valley of Ancient Curse
Focus strong on it now.  You're Electric.
With Morning, leaves things Far much worse
…All I know."


copyright (c) 2005, 2009 TheSource/Over The Stars Music.

All rights reserved.